Eoin Cambay, Founder & CEO, Swan

May 24, 2023

“Yes, but does your AI fitting room work?”

This question – which we often hear – begs a single word answer: “Yes”. As, indeed, it does. But let’s consider all the ways in which Swan “works”.

Swan works for your ecommerce metrics

To “work”, a n AI fitting room needs to deliver the benefits promised. First, it means increasing conversion rates, as a result of shoppers suffering fewer doubts over their choice of size. And it means reducing returns rates as a result of fewer “wrong size” returns. Remember that the benefits on offer are dramatic:

  • Conversion rates for apparel retailers languish at around 2.5%. Even small improvements to your conversion rate transform revenues

  • Shopify’s Fashion Industry Report reveals that the average apparel ecommerce return rate can even reach up to 50% in some apparel markets

  • Shopify also says that 52% of returned garments are for reasons of wrong fit (too small: 30%, too large 22%)

Swan works for your finances

In addition to its impact on the obvious financial metrics associated with conversions and returns, Swan is cost-effective. Only sales involving Swan ‘count’ – so the benefits to retailers from reduced returns and increased conversions always far exceed the costs of Swan.

The evidence of Swan’s impact is always visible in the Swan dashboard, showing how Swan works in terms of the ecommerce metrics it is designed to improve.

Swan works for shoppers

First, Swan helps you meet shopper expectations. The fitting room is part of the ritual of clothes shopping, and help is expected online.

Second, Swan’s approach to the shopper experience is to keep it simple. The AI-powered process of providing body measurements is quick, simple, even fun (solving one of the biggest problems faced by virtual fitting room solutions).

Shoppers receive a valuable size recommendation in return – helping them to convert, even if the recommendation merely affirms their own choice. And, helpfully, shoppers can use Swan again and again, wherever they see the Swan logo: they simply log-in for instant size advice, with no need to re-measure themselves (unless they want to).

Swan works with your ecommerce platform

Swan works for retailers in this sense because Swan is easily integrated via Shopify app, with other integrations in development. No development resources are required.

Swan works for your ecommerce team

As new stock arrives, Swan works for your ecommerce team from a fitting room maintenance perspective. Administrators need only to ‘drag and drop’ tech pack files into their Swan dashboard, from which Swan extracts and validates the measurement data. This minimises the maintenance demands on the retailer.

Swan works for your brand

In recent years, sustainability has become a significant issue for businesses, and especially for consumer-facing businesses such as retailers. Recent research suggests that, for example, three-quarters of Gen Z shoppers prefer to buy sustainably rather than go for brand names. But sustainability to demonstrate to consumers, not least because much of the supply chain is obscured from consumer sight, often abroad.

The Swan virtual fitting room, however, provides retailers with a golden opportunity to remind shoppers of their sustainability credentials: simply encourage shoppers to use Swan “in order to make their purchase more sustainable” (by reducing the likelihood of their choosing the wrong size).

Yes: Swan works

If you have a stakeholder for whom Swan needs to “work” but whom I didn’t mention directly, do get in touch to challenge us. We’re happy to show how Swan works for every retailer and shopper.

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Eoin Cambay, Founder & CEO, Swan

Eoin Cambay, Founder & CEO, Swan

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